ED Peer Group

The Executive Director Peer Group was a brainchild of Christine Oldfield from the Volunteer Centre and Chris Willard of the Guelph Community Foundation. Both new to the role of Executive Director, they saw the potential for a group of peers to come together on a regular basis, to find out about ways we can improve our practice, to share opportunities, and brainstorm solutions to common challenges.

The ED Peer Group brings in experts in the field, sharing their insight on topics such as fundraising, volunteer engagement, performance management and strategic planning, but the group also creates opportunities to discuss those issues that keep us up at night (either because they are so exciting or so fearful). This group is only in its second year, but we are hopeful that this group of leaders has the potential to both support its members and to be a voice in the community for the voluntary sector.

If you are interested in joining the ED Peer Group, contact us today!